Monarch Butterfly Small Beaded Panel Mini Tapestry in Peyote

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This butterful panel measures 3 x 6 inches, which includes wooden dowel it is beaded on and fringe. This was made out of 30 different colors of delica seed beads. The main color was color-lined rainbow aqua. Butterfly was outlined in matte black delicas with shades of orange, yellow and white.

Monarch panel has been beaded onto a wooden dowel, the peyote portion was extended to wrap around it in entirety to give it a uniform look, while maintaining the colors of the panel. The hanging strap extends 2 inches past panel. This includes lots of glass beads, natural gemstones and swarovski crystals on strap and fringe.

This is one of a kind and a beautiful piece of miniature beaded art. Made to last and really looks lovely hanging on the wall or even an ornament stand or anything else you can probably think of!

Designed and made by me.

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